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Software Development

Customized application and system software is the ideal way to noticeably optimize business processes. We develop individual software solutions for small to medium-sized companies in order to create the best conditions for more success. Discover now how we create effective results in three steps.

Advice, planning and current status: everything you need in advance


The development of an individual software solution is a project that needs to be well-planned. That is why we are happy to provide our customers with comprehensive advice - in most cases based on an analysis of the current situation. In this way, we can work with you to design paths and approaches that are specially tailored to your needs.

Especially in the analysis phase, the integration and consideration of existing business processes and organizational structures play a major role. After all, proven systems should continue to function. We see it in the same way - and we always keep this point in mind.

In addition, we make sure that the solutions we develop really fit you and your existing IT environment right from the early stages of the project. A desktop application, a web-based application, or the app on mobile devices? We will be happy to work with you to develop the right strategy for you - the perfect roadmap for inspiring software.


Creation, support, integration: Let's go into development

undefinedWith a defined goal, it goes to the development of your individual software. In doing so, we take sound requirements as a basis and create tailor-made software that offers everything and at the same time remains flexible. For us, this means software engineering. 

During the development phase, it is important to us that customers can continue to influence the result. The basis for this is our specially-designed process management, which allows us to react to adaptation requests at any time. We know from experience that good software is always developed in direct cooperation with the user.

Also, the realization that a software is only as strong as its usability belongs to our wealth of experience. That's why we always pay attention to the simplest possible design of surfaces during development.

And last but not least, the individual software should also be convincing in terms of reusability or adaptations. To this end, we continuously conduct functional tests and provide detailed documentation based on widely-used standards.

In this way, we provide you with a conclusive and sustainable result that you can work with.

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Support, training and support: well equipped for the future


Depending on the requirements of the software, we gladly take over the operation for you or support you with the in-house commissioning or your hoster, so that it can continue to run smoothly after the development.

Once the individual software has been put into operation, we will ensure that it can withstand all future requirements without any problems. We are happy to take over the technical support, train your employees, and assume the responsibility of individual software maintenance.

By the way: Do you want to be sure at all times that your software runs error-free and is fully dedicated to your daily business? We are happy to provide you with all-round, carefree support. Just ask us about it!


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