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Website Projects

Convince online! A website can be many things. From a simple business card to a sophisticated showcase project. We make sure that your website is convincing in every case. Thanks to our strong database and software development expertise, we bring everything you need.

Comprehensive range of services from idea to evaluation


We are happy to help you with the realization of your website project. This is done in all the steps involved in development and deployment. We create an appealing website design for you, take care of the technical implementation of a content management system, and provide the appropriate hosting. We are also happy to implement content from external sources, such as customer administration.

Whatever you wish for: As a reliable contact partner, it is our concern to work always close to your ideas and to present you with fully coordinated results.


Clever planning means faster time to success


Let's think about a few things in advance, so that we can implement your project in a goal-oriented and optimal way. We would like to give you the most important ones right here.

Project deadlines and budgets

  • When should the website go online?
  • What is the maximum available budget?

Search engine optimization, online marketing, and social media

  • Should special measures for search engine optimization be implemented?
    The website is designed and implemented in such a way that it already meets the most important search engine criteria. However, targeted measures can also be taken.
  • Are you planning to use online marketing measures such as Google AdWords? Are you planning to use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

We would be happy to advise you personally on all the listed questions and recommend effective measures upon request. In order to optimize the search engine ranking, we will also be happy to recommend selected partners who are specialized in this area.

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So your website hits the target


There are several ways to focus on a website. These different directions do not have to be mutually exclusive, but it is worth prioritizing in advance. This allows you to work focused on a set goal and achieve it more easily. Long range? Good search engine ranking? Aesthetic demand? Strong sales? Together we discuss the following orientations:

Orientation of the website

Business Purpose and Market
  • What products and services do you offer?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Is it a regional/national or national/international offer?
  • In which languages are the contents offered?
Goals of the website
  • What goals do you pursue with your website? (e. g.: acquisition, customer service, etc.)

Target group (s)
  • Geographical origin, market, age, etc.
Content and Structure
  • Do you have a slogan or a motto?
  • Which keywords best characterize the content of the website? What are the central terms of your activity?
  • Which areas/contents should the website contain? Have you already documented your ideas in the form of a navigation list or page tree?
  • Are special content or services planned for access via mobile/smartphone?
  • Which websites roughly correspond to your ideas and why? What do you like best, what don't you like?

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The eye surfs


The website should not only look particularly appealing, but also fit your company's needs. That's why we invest in advance some preliminary considerations for a modern design that always corresponds to your corporate design. After all, your website should be as representative as possible and at the same time effective, which is achieved by a harmonious layout. Together we will discuss the following questions:

Design and Layout

CI and Colours
  • What are the primary colors? Are there already other materials such as brochures, business cards and flyers?
  • Does a logo already exist? Is it already available in the required formats? Should we deliver a logo if necessary?
  • Have you already prepared any layout sketches?

Pictures and text material

Visual material
  • Is there any image material already available? Do you still need to take photos and/or edit them? Should we produce and/or prepare other materials if necessary?
  • Is text material already available? Who writes and maintains the texts?
Other materials
  • Can/would you also like to provide other materials? Which materials are also required?

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Together we work out real all-rounders


In order to make the website convincing in its implementation, we recommend that you first consider the technical requirements. For example, we should talk about a suitable domain, about hosting, and about a content management system with which you can change content independently. There are also a number of technical features that your website visitors might like. In order to ensure that the website meets all requirements in the finished result, we discuss the following points together:

System and (technical) features

Domain and Hosting
  • Do you already have a domain? If so, for which web host and which hosting package?
Content management (CMS)
  • Should the contents of the website be maintained by you? Are there any other persons besides you who want to edit the website? Do you already have ideas about the use of a certain CMS?
Features and functionality
  • Search function 
  • Contact form 
  • RSS Feed 
  • Newsletter 
  • Password protected areas 
  • Downloads and media management 
  • Online-Shop 
  • Picture gallery 
  • Visitor statistics 

What other wishes exist? 

Special web design requirements
  • Which browsers should be supported?
    As a rule, the correct display of Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Firefox from version 3.0, Safari from version 3.0, and Opera from version 9.0 is respected. Further requirements must be discussed and evaluated separately. It should be noted that an absolutely pixel-accurate display fidelity between the different browsers is not always given, even if the website is displayed in the different browsers seemingly uniformly. 
  • Will special print stylesheets be needed for printing the content?
  • Is it necessary to consider special accessibility requirements?
    The website is already designed and implemented in such a way that it meets the highest possible degree of accessibility. However, there may be some special requirements that entail additional development costs.

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Your website, your wishes, and your CMS system!


A content management system also offers users with little IT know-how the opportunity to edit their website independently. Easy-to-edit areas allow content to be added, deleted, or changed independently of service providers. We offer you an excellent CMS solution that can be extended almost without limits and is therefore the ideal prerequisite for the implementation of almost any kind of project. Her name: Umbraco!

What possibilities does a CMS system offer you in general?

  • You can record all content quickly and easily without any special knowledge. If you can use Microsoft Word, you will be able to edit and even expand the content of your website in the future.
  • You can grant different users access to the system and thus, for example, allow departments to maintain their own data.
  • Change the design of your content independently or through an agency.

What are the advantages?

  • They are maximum flexible and operate completely independent of service providers.
  • You will achieve measurable cost savings. Instead of having to carry service providers around, you simply make changes yourself.
  • You are always present with up-to-date content. Processes are not stopped because service providers may have backlog of orders or are on vacation.

Why do we especially recommend the CMS Umbraco?

  • The system is customized to your needs adaptable. Because Umbraco is based on Microsoft technologies, even dynamic modules such as a product configurator are possible. External data sources can also be integrated. This can be valuable for real estate dealers, for example, who always want to present their portal ads on the website. We would be happy to tell you whether your individual project is feasible.
  • Technical support. Our know-how goes beyond software development. We are also happy to take over the system administration. Hosting, i.e. the operation of your project on our servers, would be just as conceivable as a technical support of your own environment with concerns around the CMS.

Contact us with pleasure. Together we discuss all possibilities and which ones are especially advantageous for you.

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Ideal arrangement on all end devices - with Responsive Design!


The world surfs mobile. Content is researched on the go and online purchases are made in no time at all. Take advantage of this potential and ensure that your website is optimally viewed and used on all end devices. We are also happy to optimize your browser-based website for tablets and smartphones.

This is affordable thanks to special frameworks that provide broad support for multiple platforms. Otherwise, you risk that certain elements may not be visible or that links do not work. This in turn leads to an increased take-off rate. After customization, you can be sure that your visitors will automatically see the right website for them, with the usability right.

Talk to us about it. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of Responsive Design.

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Whether you have questions or enquiries: We are already looking forward to your project and look forward to learning more about it. Leave us your message now - we will be happy to get back to you personally!

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