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About Lycantec

We develop "apps" for Android, IOS as well as complex applications for web and desktop systems and websites of any size.

What are we doing?

Our main focus is the development of complex applications and automation solutions for business customers. Focusing on: CRM, ERP, DM systems and sophisticated web projects. For this purpose, we prefer to use the most modern and proven web technologies from the Microsoft.net environment, which also allows us to implement your wishes on all major platforms. No matter if it’s a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Who are our customers?

We develop application and system software for small to medium-sized companies. In this way, we would like to support the ongoing optimization of business processes so that they can fully concentrate on creating value and effectively advance their company.

Who are we?

We are an independent software developer for application and system development from the Rhine/Neckar region. For almost 20 years we have been developing sophisticated software solutions for desktop, web and automation environments - and for 10 years we have been specializing in the Microsoft.net platform together with the latest web and database technologies from renowned manufacturers.

Our Services

Customized application and system software is the ideal way to noticeably optimize business processes. We develop individual software solutions for small to medium-sized companies in order to create the best conditions for more success. Discover now how we create effective results in three steps.

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Convince online! A website can be many things. From a simple business card to a sophisticated showcase project. We make sure that your website is convincing in every case. Thanks to our strong database and software development expertise, we bring everything you need.

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On course from the start. A new software product in your company - that needs to be well thought out. This is always associated with an investment that should be worthwhile. In addition, the introduction and the associated conversion take time. And before you do, you want to be sure that you are dealing with the best possible solution for your company. We will be happy to support you in ensuring that you are optimally informed, excellently prepared, and that the implementation is successfully carried out.

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A reliable roof for your website! Do you want to make sure that your software is always up and running? We offer our customers an individual hosting service, in which your software developed by us including data is operated and maintained in our infrastructure. For you this means: worry-free website hosting around the clock!

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Smooth processes. Perfect function. At any time! A sophisticated system needs to be well-maintained. After all, complex systems are particularly susceptible and sensitive to errors. So that it does not go so far, we are there for our customers with reliable system maintenance and regular maintenance.

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Would you like to know more about our software development services?
Our project workflow

Target Definition

Tell us what you want to achieve with your new solution.


We immediately set to work and develop tailor-made solutions - always custom-made to your goals.


The software development is carried out according to all the rules of programmer's art. The result will be put into operation either on our server hosting or in your environment.


We are at your disposal with words and deeds even after the completion of the development. For example, with regular maintenance and adjustments if requirements have changed.

More about our workflow:


In order to achieve the best results for our customers, we use the following technologies.